Meet Our Style Crush Kleos Bubble

It’s that time again where we get to chat to our current style crush and this week it is the uber cool Kleo from Kleos Bubble. We managed to squeeze a bit of her time to ask her a few questions so we could get to know her better.

“More is more is my motto”

Tell us a something about yourself?

I live in Berlin where I grew up with my dad and my 2 younger Sisters.

I left when I was 17 for a job training, work and traveled almost 2 years. Then I decided to come back as Berlin was still my favorite city and I wanted to work on my career.

I now work as a Personal Assistant, my Boss is 73 but married to his Job and loves it. He is a great and funny guy who collects art and likes to support interesting Art projects or cultural projects for the City. My Job is not really that common and kinda unusual, can be very time consuming but then again totally flexible and free.

But we´ve grown sort of a friendship over the years and he also supports my creative side. I can dress to the office however I want and people even like the youthful, colourful vibe 😀

In my free time I´ve always been into Photography and I´m now working on my Portfolio to become a Beauty and Fashion Photographer. My dream is to have this as my main Job one day J

My second big Hobby is dress up and Festivals, I love being creative in Costumes. I pretty much live for festivals 😀  I work all Winter to Party all Summer. Haha


How would you describe your style?

Hmmm, it´s very erratic, as I said I like to dress up and play roles pretty much, even for my daily outfits I decide between light and dark outfits, girly or glamorous, minimalistic, sporty or edgy. I get bored fast so my hair changes all the time too, I´ve been thinking about wigs actually but can’t really get used to them on a daily basis.

I like to go to different occasions to dress like I “belong” there, like I always go just there. So you can find me in fetish clubs but also in a hip hop or rock events or swing concerts.

And I always need a highlight, when everyone would say the outfit is perfect, I´ll look for one extra piece to top it. More is more is my motto, only If I can dress revealing, than less is more hahaha


What’s your usual day like?

Umm I sleep in, thank god my boss doesn’t come to the office before 2pm so I sleep in, then I either run errands, or shoot for my IG together with my bestie, sooometimes I work out :D. I work from 2-10pm so when I´m done I sometimes meet friends and go to a bar or I go home, chill, edit photos or hang out with my bf, roommate or our grumpy cat!


What was the last thing you bought?

Some strappy stars that cover your nipples and you have to figure out how to wrap like 10 straps around your body 😀 But it´s super sexy and hopefully fun to wear.


Is there anyone else’s style you take inspiration from?

Umm I´m sure there is, but it´s not one person, cause most people have more like one style, so I like to get inspiration from all of them to dress different all the time J


What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love watching movies but I barely do, I love dancing and making music


Who’s your favourite band?

I don´t have any but I always found Rihanna a very inspirational girl especially style wise.


Do you have any big plans for this Summer?

Yes always, I think I wanna go to a festival overseas, to Australia


Why did you choose the Twin Set from our site?

The Flamingo suit gives me life, its colourful and reminds me of summer now that it´s getting cold.

Meet Just A Uniform

Hey everyone, welcome to the third post in our Meet.. series of blog posts, where we get to know the Fashion bloggers we love a little more. This time it is the turn of Siobhan, the pastel haired, colour loving Fashion blogger who we have been following for a long time now. I mean her motto is ‘More is more, less is bore’ what isn’t there to love about her!!

We asked Siobhan a few quick questions while she styled up some pieces of her choice.

How would you describe your style?

In a nutshell “More is more less is bore.”

What’s your typical day like?

There really is no such thing as a typical day at the moment, one day I’ll be at a super glam event in a private members club in London, the next I’m sat on my sofa, hair mask on creating content for my blog and YouTube channel.

What was the last thing you bought?

A ridiculous pineapple phone case.

Favourite band/musician?

My all time favourite is Prince, he truly was a genius.

What do you like to do in your spare time?


What’s your favourite food?

OOO I have to pick a favourite, tricky? Anything spicy.

Tell us 3 things that on your ‘Bucket List’?

Do a tour of Japan, I’ve wanted to go ever since I did a project on it in primary school.

Jump out of a plane – much to my Dad’s horror.

Go to a Gucci show at Milan Fashion Week

Do you have any big plans for this Summer?

I’ve just come back from a whistle stop tour of America, next adventure is to Tuscany for a more relaxed one. Oh and lots of festivals.

Why did you choose these pieces from our site?

Co-ords are my absolute favourite, they are so easy to wear and give maximum impact. Pair this with the print of the moment gingham and it’s always going to be a winner. I also love how lightweight it is, perfect for Summer.

Go give Siobhan a quick follow on Instagram and check out her blog ‘Just A Uniform’, you won’t regret it!

Shop Leanne Twin Set here

Shop Girl Gang Ruffle Sweater here

Meet Domesticated Youth

This year we started a new series of blog posts called Meet….. we LOVE discovering new gals with awesome style and can find ourselves lost for hours in an Instagram spiral of badass babes with pastel hair and glittery clothes (come on we’ve all done it!) So we thought why not make use of our time and get to know them a bit better!

Our very first was a few months ago where we got to know a little more about our Spring 17 model Jess Ayton aka Foxxtailz if you haven’t read that post already, where have you been! Check it out here. Disclaimer, you will get serious hair envy!

This time we got chatting to the lovely Katie-Jo Watson aka Domesticated Youth about her style, shopping habits and a typical day for her.

How would you describe your style?

Like the front window of a charity shop; lots of old patterns and funky colours.

What’s your typical day like?

I wish I had a typical day! I usually love to get up early and head down to a lil café to do some sketching or writing, if I have some spare time. Once it starts to get dark, I love to settle down with my laptop and maybe start a new series on Netflix.

What was the last thing you bought?

Some handmade flamingo earrings… I recently took a spontaneous trip to Edinburgh and ended up spending my time wondering around little vintage shops until I came across the coolest earrings ever.  

Do you have a favourite band/musician?

It depends on the season! As summer is just around the corner, Tame Impala is totally my summer soundtrack… but if I’m feeling a lil bit more chilled then Mac Demarco is definitely my favourite musician.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love to draw, I often find myself designing tattoo ideas which I know I’ll never be brave enough to actually get done.

If you could eat only one thing what would it be?

Raspberries, and everything raspberry flavoured. They’re just the best thing ever.

Tell us 3 things on your ‘Bucket List’?

My bucket list consists of places I want to visit. Number 1 is Glastonbury Festival, I can’t wait for the chance to go. Number 2 is Vietnam… it just looks so beautiful. And number 3 is America, mostly New York, I can’t wait to be able to visit.

We would love to know why you chose these pieces from our site?

The first piece I choose was the Glitter Cactus Tee, and omg it’s the cutest t-shirt ever. It’s so easy to style and goes with anything, I think the cactus really adds a cute element to your outfit.

The second item is the Pastel Unicorn Sweater… how beautiful! Nothing says you’re ready for summer more than pastel colours. I like to tuck mine into a skirt to dress it up, or over wear it over a pair of black skinny jeans if I’m feeling cosy.

Go give Katie-Jo a follow on Instagram and shop 20% off her chosen two pieces today only (Cactus Tee & Pastel Unicorn Sweater) using code DOMESTICATEDYOUTH

Meet Our Model

Just before our Spring 17 Look Book goes live, we thought we should get to know our model Jess a bit better! This is the second time Jess has modelled for Tallulah’s Threads and as well as appreciating her embarking on such a long train journey to get to us, we Loved spending the day with her.

We thought we would ask Jess a few quick questions, so you could get to know her too!

How would you describe your style?
Kawaii Punxx with a grunge edge or try to at least try to haha.

What was the last thing you bought?

OMG the most gorgeous coat with metal hardware from Zara. It’s such a babe of a coat.

Favourite band/musician?

Hands down Paramore, always and forever. I have a huge girl crush on Hayley Williams, she gives me a lot of style inspiration.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
In my spare time I’ve always got my head in a book haha. That or I’m creating something for my blog. Shooting videos or taking my Cannon out for a spin.

Favourite food?

Pizza, didn’t even need to think about that one 😉

What are 3 things that on your ‘Bucket List’?

I really want to visit the fox Island in Japan, to run the London Marathon and to live out a year in Harajuku.

What are your favourite 4 pieces from our Spring 17 collection?

Oh this one is hard!
Defiantly the Jessica Girl gang ruffle sweater, I fell in love with that as soon as I saw it.
The Lizzie Grey Tartan Dress.
Hope Floral Buffalo skull T-shirt, I absolutly adore the buffalo patch.
And the Lara pastel tartan shirt dress, I’m a sucker for a peter pan collar.

You can follow Jess on Instagram as @foxxtailz and be sure to check out her blog I Am Foxxtailz