About Us

‘Keeping you cute’
Hello! We’re Tallulah’s Threads, an Independent brand specialising in clothing and accessories for today’s Fashion loving gals. We sell handmade or customised garments, designed and made in our UK studio. We hope to be your go to choice for glittery, fun and kitsch clothing!
You can also find Tallulah’s Threads on DollsKill, SilkFred, Wekoko, Student High Street, Wild Thing, Spoiled Brat and most social sites.


At Tallulah’s Threads we are working towards becoming a more Ethical and Sustainable company. We are a small independent brand, the clothing is made to order in our UK studio, meaning our working conditions and pay are extremely good. We try to use dead stock fabric and where possible ethically sourced materials. There is almost zero waste as we only order and hold stock of as much fabric as we need, we try to use all left over fabric or give the remaining amounts to charity. The majority of our Swimwear is made from ‘Life’ Lycra which uses recycled Polyester yarn and all orders are shipped using recycled and biodegradable mailing bags.

We are always open to suggestions on how we can become a more Ethical brand, if you would like to email us on the subject please contact info@tallulahsthreads.com.